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What are Cookies?

Cookies are the small text files stored on our system when you visit any website. They are helpful in making the website work effectively. It doesn't include any personal information of the user. Cookies are generally used to improve our experience on our website. They will not install any type of virus on your device.

How and Why we use them?

Cookies help us in a better understanding of the visitors and how they use our website. They can be used to know and remember your preferences and maintain your browser connectivity with us.

There are two sources of cookies –

First party cookies – used to know your choice and preferences on our website.

Third party cookies – used for advertising purpose that is relevant to you.

Type of Cookies we use

Necessary Cookies – As the name suggest, they are strictly necessary for the working of the website. Without them, the website would not work properly. Your permission is required to allow them.

Session Cookies – They are temporary cookies and gets deleted when you close your browser. When you again visit the same website, it will not remember your visit as the old cookies get already cleared.

Functional Cookies – They are used to improve the functionality of the website. Using functional cookies may allow to send you content as per your interests. These cookies help us to store your favorite activities on our site.

How can I change my Cookie settings?

You may ensure your computer to happily accept cookies or not. You can set in your browser not to allow cookies or simply disallow them. Disallow cookies may affect your working on our website and may lose some functionalities so we recommend to every user to turn on cookies.

Moreover, you can set cookies accordingly and a notification will be given to you to accept or reject them as per your wish. Remember if you use a different computer in different locations, you need to ensure each browser is adjusted to suit your cookie choices.

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